Importance of Music for Our Seniors - Haley Stocks Tahlequah

We all appreciate the ability that music can have to provide comfort, evoke memories of the past, and bring smiles to our faces and souls. For many years, I personally have benefited from music therapy that uses musical interventions to address cognitive, emotional, and physical issues. 
Some may not realize, but in most retirement communities, music therapy programs are provided to offer senior citizens the power to deal with age-related problems like depression, stress, memory impairment, and chronic pain. I wanted to explain some of the benefits of music therapy for the seniors ad why I take great pride in this aspect of my music. 

Improve cognitive and speech skills

Music therapy can be used in memory care treatment. It also helps dementia patients improve their speaking skills. Moreover, it helps inspire individuals who are nonverbal to communicate by humming or singing. A study carried out by Stanford University revealed that rhythmic music stimulates the brain to increase blood flow. 
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Health benefits 

Research shows that music can help seniors to achieve optimal health. If you listen to music as often as I do, you probably have better sleep, improved recovery time, and diminished pain. It can also help improve coordination, mobility, and cognitive abilities. In addition, listening to music helps promote your physical activities such as dancing.
I've always considered my music to be therapeutic, and you'll after seeing my website, Haley Stocks.

Calming Nervousness 

Just liking singing a lullaby to your baby, music can also work magic for a nervous senior. It is advisable to choose music that is peaceful and slow. This type of music can evoke a sense of well-being and beauty. You should note that a fragile nervous system needs delicate sensitivity. This is necessary to avoid overload. Music therapy is the best treatment for this ailment. 

Integrating Music into a Senior’s Life 

It is quite easier to integrate music into a senior’s life than you can imagine. Nowadays, live music is more available than ever. The following are some of the music activities which seniors can try out: 

Take him or her to the live performance in your area. A lot of communities provide monthly concerts, particularly during the summer season. Choirs, bands, and other music groups perform concerts for the general public on a routine basis. 

Encouraging your loved one to play a musical instrument he or she once played. Playing music helps lower blood pressure. 

Introduce him or her to YouTube. It will help them find music they probably had forgotten about and watch live performances.